What If I’m Injured in an Accident in a Company Vehicle in New Jersey?

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Depending on the industry you work in, you may be required to operate a company vehicle to fulfill the duties of your position. While these vehicles offer significant perks, including transportation and convenience, accidents in these vehicles can create complex legal liability issues. When you’re involved in a collision in your personal vehicle, on your own time, you may understand what will happen next. However, when driving a company vehicle and getting into an accident, you may question who is liable for damages and whether you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If you drive a company vehicle, knowing what happens following an on-the-job collision is crucial. Please continue reading and contact an experienced Morris County Workers’ Compensation Attorney who can help you fight for the justice you deserve.

Who Covers Damages in a New Jersey Car Accident in a Company Vehicle?

In most cases, employers are legally liable for damages when their employee gets into an accident in a company vehicle. This is due to the legal doctrine of vicarious liability. This legal concept holds an employee accountable for their employee’s actions when the employee injures someone while performing their job. For this doctrine to apply, the employee must have acted within the scope of their employment at the time of the accident. For example, if you’re using the company vehicle during business hours to complete custom orders and rear-end another car, your employer would be liable for any damages you caused. Damages are usually paid by the employer’s insurance company.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which your employer would not be responsible for the damages you caused in a car accident in a company vehicle. This includes any situation where you are not acting within the scope of your employment. For instance, if you were engaging in criminal activity or non-business activities. Also, if you’re an independent contractor rather than an employee, your employee will likely not be held responsible for any damages you cause in an accident because these situations are typically governed by contracts that stipulate the responsibilities of each party in the event of an accident.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Generally, when a person is injured at work or becomes ill as a direct result of their job, they can file a workers’ compensation claim. In New Jersey, employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. To be eligible for workers’ compensation, your injury must have occurred during your employment. Essentially, the injury must have been work-related. For example, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation if you were in an accident while making deliveries or running work-related errands because you were acting within the scope of your employment.

If you need strong legal representation to guide you through your workers’s compensation case effectively, please don’t hesitate to contact Lutz Injury Law today. Our legal team is prepared to help you fight for your rightful compensation.

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