Can I still file an injury claim if I initially denied medical care?

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If you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek monetary compensation for your incurred damages. However, to recover compensation, you must demonstrate that the other party’s negligence was the direct cause of your injuries. To maximize your chances of fulfilling the burden of proof and receiving the rightful compensation you may be entitled to, keeping a detailed record of the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered is imperative. That said, avoiding or delaying medical treatment after an accident will not necessarily prevent you from successfully obtaining the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in an accident, contact a competent Morris County Personal Injury Attorney who can help you fight to attain maximum compensation to get you back on your feet again. Please continue reading to learn how refusing medical treatment after an accident can impact your personal injury claim. 

Do victims have the right to refuse medical treatment?

In New Jersey, injured individuals have the right to refuse any medical treatment as long as they are conscious. If an injured individual is unconscious, appropriate medical care will be executed. If you want to refuse medical treatment, you must have good reasoning. For instance, if the procedure your injuries require is risky and is not guaranteed favorable results or there are alternative treatments that have been proven to be effective, that is considered good reasoning for refusing medical treatment.

How can refusing medical care after an accident hurt my injury claim?

While there are times when an injured individual may feel as though they are unscathed after an accident, it is still vital that they seek immediate medical attention. For starters, some injuries may not be visible or have delayed effects. An injured individual may also believe that their wounds will heal on their own without treatment or are concerned about how much it will cost them for ambulance rides or emergency room visits. However, waiting to seek treatment is dangerous for your body and can contribute to long-term medical problems or a much longer recovery road. Even if an injured individual is within their rights to refuse treatment, the other party may have a strong argument that you are not taking the injury seriously or exaggerating the severity, resulting in the claim being denied. Ultimately, if you initially reject medical care, it can negatively affect the outcome of your claim.

One of the most valuable decisions you can make after an accident is seeking immediate medical attention and retaining the legal services of an experienced attorney. While it is still possible to file a claim after initially denying medical treatment, to maximize your chances of recovering the just compensation you may be entitled to, you should always seek medical care in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact a determined Morris County personal injury attorney from Lutz Injury Law, who can fight for your rights.

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