Can You Recover Damages from A Speeding Driver in New Jersey?


Whether or not you would be eligible for being the world’s greatest driver, there is simply no excuse for another driver’s callous disregard. If you have sustained injuries caused by a reckless driver, please read on, then contact an experienced Morris County automobile accidents attorney to learn if you can recover damages from a speeding driver in New Jersey.

How do you qualify for damages from a speeding driver in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey recently passed a law called “Jessica’s Law,” which imposes more severe penalties on drivers found guilty of road rage and injuries or deaths caused by speeding. The defendant could face a $15,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. As the injured party, you could hold him or her liable in a civil lawsuit. To do so, you must do the following if your accident resulted in injury, death and/or damage exceeding $500 in value:

  • Report the accident to the local police by the “quickest means of communication”
  • File a written accident report within 10 days after the accident, on an official “Self-Reporting Crash” form available from the New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Retain the services of a skilled Morris County personal injury attorney

How New Jersey’s No Fault Insurance Laws Work

New Jersey is one of a dozen or so states that follow a no fault car insurance scheme. That means injured drivers and passengers must typically turn first to their own personal injury protection car insurance coverage to get compensation for medical bills, lost income and other out-of-pocket losses after a crash, regardless of who might have been at fault. A claim against the at fault driver is only possible in certain scenarios.

How can a Morris County personal injury attorney help you recover damages?

Your attorney will collect and evaluate evidence and ensure that fault is properly assigned in your case. After you are in an accident, you are required to notify your insurance company and give them basic details about the accident. A seasoned legal professional will help you navigate this complex and time-consuming process. At no point will our firm leave you feeling lost or confused. You will always be fully apprised of your rights and responsibilities. Do not go it alone. Give us a call today.


If you have been the victim of the negligence of another in an accident, please contact my office as quickly as possible following the subject accident. It is important to consult with us early on so that we may begin the process of fighting for your rights in regard to any potential claim that you may have. The process is complicated and requires the expertise of a qualified New Jersey personal injury attorney. Contact Lutz Injury Law today.

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