How can I best document my injuries/expenses after an accident?


If you are someone who has been injured in an accident, you likely feel overwhelmed by the chaotic and traumatic event that has unfolded. Although you are probably shell-shocked, the steps you take following an accident are vital to ensuring you can collect monetary compensation for your damages. Oftentimes, victims are burdened with significant damages that negatively impact their lives. These economic and non-economic damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, emotional distress, pain and suffering, inconvenience, and mental anguish. When injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are legally entitled to take legal action to recover compensation for your damages. However, you must fulfill the burden of proof. In doing so, you must prove that the other party’s negligence directly caused your damages. To fulfill the burden of proof, you must document your injuries and expenses. Keep reading to learn how you can best document your injuries and expenses after an accident. In addition, please contact a skilled Morris County Personal Injury Attorney who can help you seek reasonable compensation for your losses stemming from the accident. 

How do I properly document my injuries after an accident?

Following an accident, your first concern should be seeking immediate medical attention for your injuries. Regardless of whether you believe that you have not been severely injured, you still must have your injuries assessed and treated by a medical professional. Several conditions may not be visible or could have delayed symptoms. It is critical to seek medical attention to ensure you receive proper medical care. After you have received adequate care, you should ask your doctor for a copy of every medical record that details the treatments you received after the accident. Essentially, you should keep track of all pertinent medical records and bills as they can help corroborate the extent and severity of your injuries.

Furthermore, if you can capture any pictures or video footage of the scene of the accident, you should do so as it can help you prove how and when you acquired your injuries. Additionally, as you recover, it is beneficial to take progress pictures of your injuries. You should ensure the pictures are timestamped, revealing the time and the date it was taken. It is also wise to gather contact information from any witnesses that can corroborate your claim. Documenting your injuries and expenses is crucial to collecting compensation for your losses stemming from the accident.

In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need a determined Morris County personal injury attorney on your side. Our firm is prepared to fight on your behalf today to help you achieve favorable results.


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