How Can I Protect Myself While Using Fireworks on the Fourth of July?


With the Fourth of July approaching, many people throughout the state of New Jersey are preparing to celebrate with loved ones. This is often done with pool parties, barbecues, and the traditional firework displays. While these are fun and exciting forms of entertainment, they can also be dangerous if they are mishandled. Improper use of fireworks can cause serious injuries to bystanders. It is because of this that, if you are planning to use fireworks this Fourth of July, continue reading to learn how you can protect yourself and others.

What are Tips for Safe Preparation?

When people buy fireworks, they are usually eager to set them off right away. However, being patient and implementing the right safety precautions can help to prevent a serious accident from happening. Important tips to keep in mind can include the following:

  • Do not buy fireworks that come in brown paper. They are for professionals and should not be used in small neighborhoods.
  • Make sure adults are present and children never access fireworks alone
  • Keep water nearby, such as a hose, in the event that a fire starts
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket
  • Never light fireworks in a glass or metal container
  • Be sure that fireworks are legal in your area before buying them
  • Keep your pets inside so they do not become scared or hurt

What do I Need to Know About Lighting Fireworks?

In addition to the pre-display safety tips, there are also additional safety measures that should be put in place when actually igniting the fireworks. This can help to make sure no injuries are sustained in the process. Important tips to remember can include:

  • Wear eye protection at all times
  • Only light one firework at a time
  • Never light fireworks indoors
  • Never light fireworks in your hand
  • Be sure all spectators are at a safe distance away from the display
  • Quickly back a safe distance away after lighting the display
  • Do not throw or point fireworks at another person
  • Never pick up and relight a firework if it did not properly combust
  • After a firework goes off, wait 20 minutes then douse it with cool water
  • Never consume drugs or alcohol while lighting fireworks

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