How do I Sue After a Defective Pressure Cooker Accident in New Jersey?


Pressure cookers are efficient ways to make food within the home. This makes them a popular household appliance for many. However, if these devices are not made correctly, they can be defective and cause malfunctions to happen. This can result in serious injuries to the people who use them. As a result, many people file product liability lawsuits against the companies who produce these items. This can include Instant Pot, NuWave, Mirro, Cuisinart, Phillipe Richards, and more. Those who are injured as a result of a defective pressure cooker should contact a skilled New Jersey personal injury attorney for assistance.

How Can a Pressure Cooker Accident Happen?

Pressure cookers have many different moving parts that are required to work in order for the device to do what it is supposed to. For instance, there is a safety valve that releases steam from inside so that the top can open without a problem. However, if the valve does not work, it can cause an explosion of 200-degree contents in the pot. This can also happen if the lid, seal, gasket, or lock is defective. When this happens, anyone near the pot can suffer from severe burns, disfigurement, blindness, and more serious injuries. Damage can also be done to the home, as there have been many pressure cooker recalls in the past due to the fact that they were a fire hazard.

How Do I Sue for a Defective Product?

When a person becomes injured due to a defective pressure cooker, they can file a personal injury claim to due the company that made it for design defects. This can be done only if the injured party is able to prove that a safe, economically efficient design to the product exists and could have been used. While this can be difficult to accomplish, an experienced attorney can help collect the evidence that is necessary to show negligence. 

It is important for the injured party to consider the statute of limitations when dealing with these situations. This is because it places a deadline on how long they have to file a claim. If they do not do so in time, they can lose their right to legal action and the opportunity to recover compensation for any damages. The statute of limitations in the state of New Jersey is two years from the date of the injury.

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