How Does Alcohol Impact Driving Ability?

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The state of New Jersey finds driving under the influence of alcohol to be an unacceptable offense. This is because alcohol is proven to significantly diminish one’s driving ability. Continue reading to learn the consequences of driving after drinking alcohol and how an experienced Morris County drunk driving accident attorney at Lutz Injury Law can support you.

How does alcohol impact a person’s driving ability?

Overall, alcohol inhibits a person from sensing danger, reacting to hazards, and overall having control of their thoughts and actions. So, for these reasons, it is evident that getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol is not the best decision to make.

More specific ways that alcohol can hurt a person’s driving ability include the following:

  • Alcohol distorts judgment: as mentioned above, alcohol inhibits your ability to sense danger. So, you may not fully understand the risks of running a red light or speeding, among other reckless actions.
  • Alcohol distorts your concentration: that is, alcohol will inhibit your ability to multitask. Driving requires a lot of concentration between steering, remembering to use turn signals, monitoring your speed, staying in your lane, listening to the GPS directions, following traffic lights, etc.
  • Alcohol impairs your coordination: that is, alcohol will lessen your motor skills. Driving requires a lot of coordination between making turns, changing lanes, braking, etc.
  • Alcohol impairs your vision: that is, alcohol will relax the muscles in your eyes and lessen your peripheral vision. You require your peripheral vision when you are driving, between potential hazards on the sides of the road, motor vehicles in your blind spots, pedestrians crossing the street, etc.

How do dram shop laws apply to a drunk driving accident?

A dram shop is considered to be a restaurant, bar, or otherwise an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. So, in the unfortunate event that you are a victim of a drunk driving accident, you may be able to hold the dram shop accountable along with the drunk driver. This is so long as you can prove the dram shop’s negligent behavior in any of the following ways:

  • The dram shop overserved the patron (i.e., the drunk driver) when they were already visibly intoxicated.
  • The dram shop overserved the patron when they were under the age of 21.
  • The dram shop served the patron after operating hours.
  • The dram shop served the patron without a license to do so.

What else applies to a drunk driving accident?

Importantly, the drunk driver involved in your accident will likely be facing criminal charges. However, once a guilty verdict is reached, we will help you in seeking restitution. We will do this by recovering the results from their field sobriety tests, pursuing a claim from their insurance adjuster, etc.

When you are ready to receive the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve, call a Morris County automobile accidents attorney.

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