How important is it to get a store incident report?

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You don’t usually expect to get seriously injured when shopping at a retail store. However, you can suffer life-altering injuries if the store fails to keep the premises safe for shoppers. If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident in a retail store, contact a talented Morris County Slip & Fall Attorney who can help you secure the fair compensation you deserve. Continue reading to learn why getting a store incident report after an accident is so important. 

What is a store incident report?

When an individual who is classified as an invitee is injured in a store, they must complete an incident report. An incident report is a document that records the facts of an accident. It typically provides a detailed account of the incident, including the time, location, the people involved, and any injuries. Store incident reports are used to understand the circumstances that led to the accident.

Why do I need one?

Following a slip and fall accident in a retail store, it is imperative to alert the store manager to the incident and fill out a store incident report. Firstly, you need to file a store incident report to ensure the appropriate parties take the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Additionally, you must complete a store incident report because it documents the incident and preserves critical evidence to help you fulfill the burden of proof. In premises liability cases, you must prove that the store’s negligence directly caused your injuries. Retail stores and other establishments owe everyone that enters their premises, including their staff, a duty of care. When the store fails to uphold its legal responsibility for maintaining a safe environment for its shoppers, it can be liable for damages.

Therefore, you must complete a store incident report to maximize your chances of satisfying the burden of proof. When speaking to the store manager or staff about the incident, stick to the facts. If you speculate or accidentally take the blame for the incident, the store could use this information against you to minimize their liability for your damages. You should ask for a copy of the report as, in some cases, the store may alter the information. To prevent this, ask for a copy of the document. If they don’t give you a copy of the report, you must take a picture to ensure no modifications are made once you leave the store. If they ask you to sign any documents, read them carefully to ensure you understand what you are signing. They may try to get you to sign a liability release form which could prevent you from pursuing legal action against the store for your damages.

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