What Is Considered Aggressive Driving in New Jersey?


Notably, reckless driving is a criminal offense that is determined by a culmination of aggressive driving behaviors. If you recently sustained injuries and/or damages due to the aggressive driving of another party, continue reading to discover how an experienced Morris County car accident attorney at Lutz Injury Law can work to recover the compensation you are entitled to via a personal injury claim.

What is considered an aggressive driving offense in the state of New Jersey?

A reckless driving charge is based on the discretion of the present law enforcement officer. That is, they must reasonably determine that the driver was operating the vehicle in one or more aggressive ways. Importantly, this charge can be given regardless of the driver causing an accident or even interacting with other drivers.

With that said, below are common examples of aggressive driving that may lead to a reckless driving charge:

  • Changing lanes in an unsafe manner, or failing to signal when switching lanes.
  • Driving well above the speed limit.
  • Passing in zones where doing so is prohibited, or driving illegally on the shoulder or sidewalk.
  • Tailgating other drivers on the road.
  • Failing to obey traffic signals or signs, such as failing to yield to drivers that have the right of way or running through red light signals.
  • Excessive honking, yelling, gesturing, or flashing headlights at other drivers.
  • Chasing or racing other drivers.

What damages can I potentially recover after an aggressive driving incident?

If the aggressive or reckless driving of another party caused you to be involved in an accident, you must fight to recover your damages via a personal injury claim. Such damages may be economic or non-economic. They read as follows:

  • Economic damages:
    • The costs associated with any property damage.
    • The costs associated with current and future medical bills if you require extended treatment.
    • The costs associated with current and future lost wages if you cannot return to work.
  • Non-economic damages:
    • Pain and suffering.
    • Mental anguish and emotional distress.
    • Wrongful death damages, if applicable.

These economic and non-economic damages must be properly calculated for your claim. To do so, you must collect any documentation that shows that your damages are a direct result of the negligence of an aggressive driver. This will satisfy the burden of proof and set you up for a successful case. With all this being said, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a skilled Morris County personal injury attorney today.


If you have been the victim of the negligence of another in an accident, please contact a qualified New Jersey personal injury attorney at Lutz Injury Law as quickly as possible following the subject accident.

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