What Settlement Can I Expect for Pain and Suffering From a Car Accident?

What Settlement Can I Expect for Pain and Suffering From A Car Accident?

Are you suffering from the effects of a car accident? Millions of people suffer from injuries related to a car accident every year. Hundreds of thousands of those injuries result in a visit to the hospital.

If you sustained injuries in an accident, you may have medical bills to pay. You might also have had to take time off from your job because you were too injured to work. You may have broken bones, cuts, and bruises.

If you’re suffering from injuries related to a car accident, you need to know what you can receive. Some laws allow you to claim damages for pain and suffering in New Jersey. Let us review some information on pain and suffering settlement averages.

Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts

There is no such thing as a typical accident. However, there are ways we can help you calculate damages. First, because New Jersey is a no-fault state, your insurance company will be paying for your medical expenses. There is also a threshold of medical bills you have to reach to claim damages. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t file claims for pain and suffering, especially if there is negligence involved. To determine how much you might be able to receive, you need to think about what medical costs you have. These medical costs would be part of what your insurance would not cover. For example, you might need a wheelchair, motorized scooter, medication, and physical therapy. You might also need compensation for lost wages if you have been off work because of your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

While these factors are important, the real reason you may need an attorney is because of pain and suffering. Your claim might include how much pain you have been in. You may no longer enjoy life to the same extent you did before the accident. If you are permanently impaired or disfigured, you should include that as well. This is noneconomic compensation. However, it is important. The more serious your injuries are, the more money you may receive for pain and suffering. One way we can estimate a pain and suffering claim is to multiply your losses. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could receive from 1.5 to four times the amount of your losses.

Minor Car Accident Settlement Amounts

Even though New Jersey is a no-fault state, that doesn’t mean you can’t file a claim for pain and suffering. Again, this is especially true if there was negligence involved, and you are not the at-fault driver. Did you sustain injuries in a minor accident, and the other driver was severely negligent? Then, you may be entitled to a claim. For example, if you had a minor car accident, and the other driver was driving drunk, you can receive damages. A pain and suffering lawyer will be able to help you figure out the size of your claim. Even in a minor car accident, the greater the negligence, the larger your claim could be.

If you are wondering about filing a pain and suffering claim without a lawyer, you should be cautious. An insurance company wants you to settle as quickly as possible so it can close the case. It will most likely offer you less money than you are entitled to and hope you will take the cash. However, an experienced attorney will be able to determine exactly what you should settle for.

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