What Should I Do After a Fourth of July Drunk Driving Accident in New Jersey?


The state of New Jersey considers driving under the influence of alcohol a serious offense. Law enforcement officers especially crack down on these incidents during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. If you are a victim of a Fourth of July drunk driving accident, you may want to recover compensation to offset the burdens caused by the accident. However, this may become complicated when law enforcement is simultaneously pursuing criminal charges against the drunk driver. Continue reading to learn how an experienced Morris County drunk driving accident attorney at Lutz Injury Law can help you navigate your situation.

How do dram shop laws apply to a drunk driving accident in New Jersey?

Like many other states, New Jersey abides by dram shop laws. These laws provide compensation for you, as a victim of a drunk driving accident, from an establishment, so long as you can prove that they were partially responsible for the accident. The following are some possible defenses you can take:

  • You can prove that the establishment overserved an already intoxicated individual. Specifically, a patron showed signs of visible intoxication with glassy eyes, slurred speech, stumbling, etc., but a bartender continued to serve them.
  • You can prove that the establishment served alcohol to a patron who was under the age of 21.

If either of these circumstances is applicable to you, do not hesitate in consulting with a skilled Morris County automobile accidents attorney today who will help you collect your evidence.

What should I do after a Fourth of July drunk driving accident?

As insinuated above, you will have to fulfill the burden of proof for a strong personal injury claim. Specifically, to prove that negligence occurred and thus caused the drunk driving accident, follow the below steps:

  1. Call 911: the law enforcement officers will dispatch an ambulance to the scene, write up a police report, conduct a breathalyzer test, and administer field sobriety tests. This documentation will be helpful in proving that the other driver was intoxicated at the time the accident occurred.
  2. Document the scene: take photos and videos of the scene, including any and all injuries and damages that were incurred.
  3. Collect contact information: have the other driver share their name, number, driver’s license number, insurance company, etc.
  4. Seek medical attention: in all situations, your health comes first. Receive medical treatment as soon as it is available at the scene.
  5. Contact a seasoned Morris County personal injury attorney: we can help obtain further proof of negligence, such as security camera footage.


If you have been the victim of the negligence of another in an accident, please contact a qualified New Jersey personal injury attorney at Lutz Injury Law as quickly as possible following the subject accident.

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