What to do After an Airbnb Accident in New Jersey?


The system of peer-to-peer rentals has become more and more popular over the last few years. Companies such as Airbnb have taken the market by storm as millions of people rent their homes and apartments every year. While it may seem like the perfect system, renting another person’s home can come with some downsides. Just like anywhere else, accidents can happen on Airbnb properties. These accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries to guests. While it is difficult to determine liability in these situations, it is important to have an experienced attorney to assist your case.

Types of Airbnb Accidents

People who rent any type of property expect that it will be safe for them to stay. Airbnb owners are required to maintain their property so that there are no hazardous conditions present when others use their home. If they fail to do so, accidents can happen. Often times, these are premises liability accidents. They may be caused due to deck collapses, unsafe stairways, and more. In these situations, the property owner is usually held liable for any accidents that happen on their grounds. This can often become tricky when dealing with Airbnbs. 

Host Protection Insurance

Airbnb understands that accidents can happen. It is because of this that they offer Host Protection Insurance for those who rent out their property. This is coverage for hosts and landlords that are named in lawsuits against them. The insurance provides $1 per claim that is brought against a host for third party bodily injuries. Hosts have access to this insurance in the event of an accident so that they do not have to pay compensation out of pocket. 

It is important for injured parties to understand what is and is not covered by Host Protection Insurance. The program has limited liability and does not provide coverage in all situations. It may not be awarded in the event of the following: 

  • Injuries from something that is done intentionally and is not an accident
  • Loss of earnings
  • Communicable diseases
  • Contractual liability
  • Injuries that were caused by the intoxication of a guest

Guests are able to file a claim by contacting Airbnb to be connected with a third-party claims administrator. 

Receiving Compensation

Guests who are injured on an Airbnb property can be provided with Host Protection Insurance. The $1 million serves as primary insurance for any damages incurred in the accident. While this is true, there are some cases in which guests are impacted by financial burdens that exceed what the insurance covers. This may be the case if they were hospitalized or required surgery for their injuries. In these situations, the individual may be able to receive additional compensation. This can be difficult but not impossible to accomplish, which is why it is important to enlist an attorney that can fight on your behalf.

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