Who’s liable for slip and fall accidents in apartment complexes in New Jersey?

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With the cost of living skyrocketing in New Jersey, many people choose to move into apartment complexes as they are a more affordable living arrangement. Living in an apartment building has perks, including affordability, convenience, and relative safety. However, even though you may feel safe at home, your landlord may fail to uphold their legal duty to maintain a reasonably safe environment for their tenants and guests. A landlord failing to keep their company free from danger or unreasonable risk can lead to severe accidents and injuries. If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident in an apartment complex due to the landlord or property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your damages. Please continue reading and contact a skilled Morris County Slip & Fall Attorney to learn how we can help you fight for the maximum compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries. 

Who is responsible for slip and fall accidents in an apartment building in New Jersey?

Under New Jersey law, the landlord of an apartment complex must exercise reasonable care to prevent accidents and injuries. Essentially, they must maintain a safe environment for their tenants and guests. This means landlords must fix hazardous property conditions in common areas and walkways of their premises, which may cause a slip-and-fall accident. If the landlord fails to correct any known dangerous property conditions and an individual is injured, the landlord can be held liable for their negligence. For example, if the common areas of your apartment complex are poorly maintained, and you trip and injure yourself, if you slip on weather-related hazards such as snow or ice because it was not removed, you may have a valid claim.

What should I do If I’m injured in an apartment complex?

If you’ve been injured in an apartment complex due to an unsafe property condition, there are specific steps you must take to safeguard your legal rights to ensure you do not accidentally relinquish your right to seek monetary compensation for your damages. If you are capable of doing so, you should document the incident. If possible, take the following steps:

  • Call the police and seek immediate medical attention
  • Notify the landlord and complete an incident report
  • Take the name and number of the landlord who is handling the incident report
  • Take photographs of the hazardous conditions that caused you to slip and fall
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses that may be able to corroborate your claim later on
  • Retain the legal services of a seasoned Morris County slip & fall attorney

Without realizing it, many injured parties inadvertently jeopardize their chances of recovering monetary compensation for their damages. To maximize your chances of fulfilling the burden of proof and receiving compensation for your accident-related losses, you should enlist the help of a qualified attorney who can help investigate the circumstances of the incident and gather permanent evidence to help prove your claim.

If you’ve been injured in an apartment complex due to a landlord’s negligence, please don’t hesitate to contact a determined attorney from the legal team at Lutz Injury Law, who can guide you through every phase of this complex process and effectively represent your interests.

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