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Personal Injury Attorney in Hopatcong, NJ

Lutz Injury Law is ready to fight on behalf of victims of negligence throughout Hopatcong, New Jersey, and its surrounding neighborhoods. If you were hurt because of the negligence of another, our firm is dedicated to fighting on your behalf. When you retain the services of Lutz Injury Law, you will have a legal team that has 30 years of experience on your side. Those injured in Hopatcong, New Jersey will be able to experience a great legal team first-hand. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today to discuss your case with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys.

Our Legal Services

Our firm has been helping injured persons throughout Hopatcong, New Jersey for years. Our legal team has previously managed the following personal injury claims:

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are unfortunately common in the state of New Jersey. If you have been hurt, it is important to learn about your options. Lutz Injury Law considers a wide array of auto accident cases and is prepared to effectively fight for you and your rights. The auto accidents our firm usually handles include the following:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Our firm is ready to defend your rights no matter where you were injured through a premises liability claim. Our firm has the background required to successfully guide our clients through the claims process. Some of the premises liability claims our firm handles include:

Contact a Hopatcong, New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

Our firm recognizes the importance of fighting for those who have been wrongly injured. That is why you can count on us to defend your rights. It is important to note that New Jersey has a statute of limitations of two years for most personal injury claims. You will need to pursue your legal claim as soon as possible to ensure you are meeting all of your deadlines. Our firm is ready to help you through the claims process as soon as you are ready to do so. Contact Lutz Injury Law today to get started on your claim today.

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