What Should I Do If I Am Involved in a Train Accident in New Jersey?


Train accidents are not too common in the state of New Jersey. But when they do occur, they can result in serious injuries or even death. If you find yourself a victim of this unfortunate situation, follow along and see how a proficient Morris County train accident attorney of Lutz Injury Law can walk you through the next steps.

What are the common causes of train accidents in the state of New Jersey?

Trains are complex machines. So if one part malfunctions, then a serious accident can occur. Additionally, employees hold the duty of ensuring that passengers are safe during transit. So if they neglect to do so, then this may also cause a serious accident to occur. With that being said, the most common causes of train accidents read as follows:

  • Poor weather conditions.
  • Train operator negligence.
  • The train is speeding.
  • The train suddenly stops or starts.
  • The train derails.
  • The train is poorly maintained.
  • The tracks are poorly maintained.
  • The train enters a collision.

What steps should I take if I am a victim of a train accident?

If you have been made a victim of a train accident due to another party’s negligence, you must seek justice and retrieve the financial compensation that you require to heal. So, for your personal injury claim, it is important to take the following steps immediately after your accident:

  1. Call 911 so that a law enforcement officer can conduct a police report and dispatch an ambulance to the scene.
  2. Document the scene with photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and dangerous conditions that caused your accident.
  3. Obtain witness contacts so that testimonies can be provided later on.
  4. Seek medical attention at the scene and the hospital so that the time, date, and severity of your injuries can be recorded.
  5. Contact a personal injury attorney so that you can obtain additional evidence such as surveillance camera footage.

What is the statute of limitations for a train accident injury claim?

If you would like to seek legal action after being injured in a train accident, you will have to do so within New Jersey’s statute of limitations. Normally, you will have two years from the date of your accident to file your claim.

However, if your train accident involved the negligence of NJ Transit, then your lawsuit will be placed against this government entity. So, you first must file a Notice of Claim to inform NJ Transit that you plan to sue. This must be filed within 90 days of your accident. Failure to meet this deadline will likely mean losing your opportunity to recover your damages.

For assistance with meeting these dates, do not hesitate in retaining the services of a talented Morris County auto accidents attorney today.


If you have been the victim of the negligence of another in an accident, please contact a qualified New Jersey personal injury attorney at Lutz Injury Law as quickly as possible following the subject accident.

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