What You Should Know About Independent Medical Exams in New Jersey

You have sustained injuries as a result of an accident. But in order to receive damages, you will need to pass an independent medical exam. If you require help navigating this process, please read on, then contact an experienced Morris County slip and fall attorney to learn what you should…
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What Should You Do After a Parking Lot Accident in New Jersey?

As perhaps the most suburbanized state in the country, New Jersey has more than its fair share of parking lots. Malls, doctors' offices, restaurants, you name it, they have a parking lot. That said, parking lots present a range of hazards for pedestrians. If you have sustained injuries due to…
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What You Should Know About Elevator Accidents in New Jersey

Every year, more than 30 Americans die, and 17,000 injuries occur in elevator accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’ve sustained injuries in an elevator accident, please read on, then contact an experienced Morris County elevator accident attorney to discuss what you should know about…
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